words associated with forestZombie Slang and Terminology

words associated with forestZombie Slang and TerminologyFerals Humans regressed to animal instincts. Typically children surviving alone. Feral packs of dogs or even cats can also be a problem.

Draggers Zombies that do not have legs; another name for Ankle Biters

Secessionists also known as Rebels or Rebs. Large organized survivor enclaves that actively do not want to reintegrate with the official government assuming there is still a formal government left, often because they are upset that the government allowed the zombie epidemic to spread in the first place. If widespread national governments outright collapse, however, theres nothing to secede from anymore, and they become the only islands of civilization.

RCs Robinson Crusoes. Survivors who are radioisolated and dont know that other humans are in the area, even thinking they might be the last humans alive. Only dangerous in that they might shoot you by accident or on instinct, assuming you are a zombie. Once they realize youre not a zombie, however, they will be friendly this is what distinguishes them from LaMOEs.

Grabbers zombies trapped inside abandoned cars who are still dangerous because they can reach out of the windows.

LaMOEs Acronym for Last Man on Earth. Isolated survivors who have gotten so used to ruling over their own little enclave that they will actively fight to defend it rather than reintegrate with other humans. Something in them just snaps mentally. Distinct from Robinson Crusoes isolated survivors who are actually friendly when contacted. Overlaps somewhat with Bandits, but unlike Bandits theyre more concerned with defending their own enclave than raiding yours usually. Also not as organized or rational as Secessionists.

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Bandits also known as Raiders. Humans who dont want to band together with all other humans to fight the zombies but who start preying on other survivors for supplies and resources.

Creepy Crawlies The Walking Dead video game

Boot Military personnel, particularly combat arms personnel, who have never experienced combat or been forwarddeployed.

Ankle Biters Zombies that do not have legs or otherwise cannot walk

Greenies the radical leftist equivalent of the Fundies, who have also mentally snapped and offer up other people to the zombies. The difference is that while the Fundies believe zombies are Gods wrath or whatever mainstream religious system in the area, Greenies believe that zombies are Natures wrath against humanity.

Saifu term used in Japan in World War Z, the Japanese name for driver ants, used by analogy sort of like calling them swarmers

Quislings People that become delusional and think they are zombies, themselves

This deals with slang terms for a Zombie apocalypse, in the heat of the moment its easy to garble in horror at the situation and important messages are lost so easy terms are introduced by the military which are inevily adopted and mutated by civilians. Due to the scattered human population in a postapocalyptic setting there are various redundancies, since unconnected areas will use differing dialects.

Survivors Any living human in the zombie apocalypse

Fundies religious Fundamentalists who think the zombie epidemic is the End Times, and have mentally snapped, and are now a danger to themselves and others. Some encourage mass suicides. Others will forcibly offer up themselves and other survivors to the zombies, feeling that it is Gods will that humanity be devoured by them. Some cases involve offering up kidnapped people to the zombies, other times they intentionally sabotage defensive barricades to let the zombies in.

Revived/RevitalizedThe ZomB Chronicles Though, the revitalized maintain the memory of their former life and still have free will

Spec Ops/Operators Special operations personnel

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Cavalry Usually scout helicopters or other st and light vehicles

Tin Cans Zombies in riot gear or any metal armor

Crawlers Zombies that do not have legs; another name for Ankle Biters

Unmentionables Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Noob Any newly infected zombie; used by Todd Wainio in World War Z

Infected Broad term for zombie, although technically, it refers specifically to living people transformed by a virus. The infected typically move at full human speed.

Lurker Zombies that hide and wait for a victim