Hamsterley ForestStick Man trail

Hamsterley ForestStick Man trailAlan and the girls found a bench in the enclosed seating area, which had a small area with wooden steps and a sandpit, and I queued for the coffee inside. The coffee shop was busy and the food that was coming out looked fresh and homemade.  Excess over Easter meant we were cutting back so stuck with a nice Pumphreys filter coffee.

The Stick Man trail was in a bag which included was a clue sheet, a pencil, a crayon for bark and brass plaque rubbings, and some pipe cleaners to create your own stick man

We came to a grassy area with picnic benches and decided this was a good stop to have our picnic. Half way through the picnic we had some very cute doggy visitors come over to the le. It appeared we were in the middle of a Eurasian dog owners meet up I had to ask one of the walkers as you definitely dont see many of them around so flipping cute! Like teddy bears.

After reading the ntastic review from north east mily fun a while back, the Stick Man trail at Hamsterley Forest was high on our list of things to do with the girls.  We love a good trail and nothing motivates the girls more than the sense of achievement from completing a worksheet! The girls are big ns of Julia Donaldson and Axel Schaeffer books and have recently enjoyed the TV adaptation of The Stick Man which was shown over Christmas, so we were all well versed in the story.

The Stick Man trails are running from Forestry commission sites across the country. Our nearest site is Hamsterley Forest in County Durham, which isnt exactly on the doorstep taking around hour minutes in the car from Newcastle. The drive was pleasant passing through some lovely scenery and the blue skies and sunshine was a bonus too. As our Three Yorkshire Peaks challenge was looming closer, it was a good opportunity to put on the hiking boots too!

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It was so lovely to sit outside in the sunshine. It finally felt as if Spring was here!

The trail led us across the bridge and through the forest. The girls had to look for signs of various characters in the books and tick them off and some questions to be answered on the sheet. On our route we passed by another climbing frame in the shape of a Viking longboat which provided much entertainment.

The trail had taken approximately hours but we took it at a leisurely pace stopping for the girls to play and for the picnic. It was definitely time for the caffeine fix.

I am impressed with this site, very I am a n.

Coffee consumed we made our way back to the car and the girls played in the large adventure playground. It was ntastic lots of climbing opportunities and a cool boatshaped shuggy boat made from a super t rope to play on. They had fun messing around with the head cams on.

Back on the trail we came to a sign with the instruction to build a nest. The girls found moss, twigs and grass and had fun doing it.  We then headed up into the forest crossing back over the stream and had an unsuccessful me of pooh sticks. The sticks got wedged somewhere!  Anyway despite this set back , we pushed on to the final lap of the trail involved heading up a bank to complete the brass and bark rubbings.

for more information onStick Man trails see here.

Once at the site it was clear a lot of people were the most of good weather and we struggled to find a parking spot, eventually finding one in the car park near the adventure playground. The for the day car park was paid and the trail was bought for from the office next to the coffee shop.  The site is situated on the bank of a stream with a coffee shop outdoor seating area, a clean toilet block and a bike hire shop. The site is extremely popular with cyclists and lots of routes well marked out.

The start of the trail was well marked, near a silver bridge, and next to one of the many adventure playgrounds. The girls wanted to jump straight on this park and we let them go aheadtoday was about taking it slow and enjoying being away from the housework and stresses of life.