animals in the forestWhich Animals Live In Rainforests?

baby kangaroo first leaves its mothers body while it is still an embryo. It doesnt even have fully developed hind legs at this stage. The hairless, jellybeand creature makes its way to its mothers pouch, where it develops into a real kangarooand the first time it jumps from the pouch is almost like a second birth.

lthough they might remind us of monkeys, the species of gibbon are apesa mily of higher primates that also includes chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans, gorillas, and humans. Gibbons are entirely arboreal, which means that they live in trees. Because they seldom descend to the ground, gibbons travel through the rainforest treetops of Southeast Asia and Indonesia using their incredibly long arms rather than their legs, swinging from branch to branch in a form of locomotion called brachiation. As jungle acrobats, gibbons put most kinds of monkeys to shame.


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n most animal species, it is the female that carries and gives birth to the young. Seahorses, however, are different. The male seahorse sports a pouch like a kangaroos, and during mating the female deposits her eggs in it. The male carries the eggs until they hatch, after which he gives birth to a brood of young seashores.

Even though tropical rain forests cover less than percent of the earths suce, scientists estimate that at least half of all animal species in the world live there. In ct, there are so many millions of species of rain forest animalsmammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insectsthat scientists have not been able to count them all. Thousands of rainforest species, especially insects, have yet to be discovered. So, it will undoubtedly take many decades for science to completely answer the question of which animals live in rainforests.

to only are naked mole rats naked, but even though they are mammals, their mily structure more closely resembles that of bees, ants, wasps, and other social insects. All the mole rats living in each underground mole rat colony serve the needs of their giant mole rat queenwho, like a queen bee or a queen ant does all the reproducing and is therefore the mother of all her subjects. Naked mole rats are native to the grasslands of East Africa.

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he archer fish, which is native to southern Asia, Polynesia, and Australia, employs one of the worlds most unique methods of hunting. The fish knocks bugs off of overhanging vegetation by blasting them with a powerful stream of water from its mouth. Once the insect lls into the water its helpless, and the archer fish can eat it at its leisure. These amazing fish can spit water up to two meters six feet, and they almost always hit their mark.

e all know that insects cant talk. However, some species can communicate nonetheless. Ants for instance lay down a trail of chemical markers called pheromones to tell other members of their colony where to find a food source. Because bees fly to and from their food, a chemical trail is not an option for them. Instead, honeybees are able to give their hive mates precise directions to a distant patch of flowers using an amazing form of dance. In this video, scientists tell us exactly how the bees accomplishing this incredible feat of nonverbal communication.

his video of a baby shorttailed fruit bat and his human caretaker will make you see bats in a whole different light. Who knew a bat could be as cute as a kitten . . . ?

eep sea anglerfish live so r down in the ocean that there is very little light in their environment. Creatures at that depth are drawn to any illumination, and the anglerfish takes advantage of that ct by using its natural headlamp to attract prey. But thats not the weirdest thing about the anglerfish Wait till you see how they mate!

ome animals go to great lengths to attract a mate. But no creature puts more effort or artistry into courtship than the male bowerbird of New Guinea. Not only does this amazing avian acquire hundreds of objects of art in order to impress the female of his species, but he builds an entire structure in which to house his collection.

ampires are realbut theyre only as big as your thumb. In Central and South America, vampire bats emerge at night to sneak up on mammals such as cattle, shave a little skin off of them while they sleep, and drink their blood. In ct, vampire bats at the only mammal species that subsists entirely on a blood diet. Although few vampire victims die of blood loss, some do get rabies from these furry parasites.

ts one of the weirdest things that happens in nature One species of ant slaves of another. The slavemakers are known as Polyergus ants, and they are native to North America. Periodically, Polyergus will raid the colonies of another species, where they use an array of deceptive chemical signals to overcome the other ants. They then carry eggs of the conquered species back to their own colony, where they they raise them and put them to work. One of the most interesting aspects of this slaving behavior is that, not only does the Polyegus queen participate in the raid, but she is key to its success. The queens of all other species of ants never leave the nest. . . .

dult male mountain gorillas drum their chests with their open hands in order to make a popping noise that resounds through the forest. This drumroll warns other male gorillas to stay off their territory and away from their milies. Young gorillas also drum in an attempt to show how tough they are. In this video, a baby mountain gorilla in Rwanda ils hilariously when he tries to prove himself to a group of tourists. There are fewer than , mountain gorillas left in the wild.

Animals of the various tropical rainforests around the world evolved thousands of miles from one another, and are therefore different from continent to continent and even from forest to forest. However, because all rainforest habitats are similar in many ways, many of the species in them are also similar to species from r away. For instance, all rainforests boast breathtaking numbers of bird species, and the bird species of most tropical rainforests include parrots. Among the many Central and South American rain forest parrots are the many species of huge macaws; African rainforests are home to parrots including the African grey, which is mous for its ability to mimic sounds, including human speech. Cockatoos and cockatiels live in Asian, South Pacific Island and Australian rainforests.

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octopi are widely know to be the most intelligent of all invertebrates. They can learn such relatively complex tasks as undoing latches and opening jarsand they are inmous for their ability to escape from tanks and other enclosures. But the recently discovered mimic octopus of the South Pacific adds a strange, new twist to octopus intelligence with its ability to disguise itself as any number of other sea creatures in order to scare off wouldbe predators.

Which Animals Live In Rainforests? Orangutans Do. Photo Wikimedia Commons

Among rain forest reptiles, the pythons of Africa and Asia have their New World counterpart in the anaconda of the Amazon jungle. Poisonous snakes abound in all tropical rain forestsbushmasters and coral snakes in South and Central America and cobras in Africa and Asia, to name just a handfuland youll always find a few crocodilians, from the alligators and caimans of the Americas to the many crocodile species of Africa and Asia.

ike the bower bird, most of the birdofparadise species are found on the Island of New Guinea. Compared to male bower birds, male birds of paradise employ an equally elaborate, though completely different, strategy for attracting mates. They rely not only on their spectacular plumage, but also on their dancing ability in their attempts to convince females to mate with them. In ct, you wouldnt be wrong to call birds of paradise the exotic dancers of the animal world.

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Of course, science is already miliar with a lot of rainforest animals and birds. Tropical rain forests are areas covered by dense, tall trees near the earths equator that receive or more inches of rain per year. Which animals live in rainforests depends on which part of the world the rainforest is located in. Tropical rain forests are found in Central America and the northern half of South America, across Equatorial Africa, and on either side of the equator from southern Asia down through the islands of the South Pacific to the northernmost part of Australia.

Which Endangered Species Live In Rainforests?

ost species of spiders are insectivorous, meaning that they survive by catching and eating insects. The European fishing spider, however, is piscivorous, which, as its name implies, means that it prefers prey with scales and fins. Watch as this spider detects and then attacks an unwitting stickleback thats unlucky enough to swim by.

Most tropical rainforest habitats are home to a number of primate species, from the myriad monkeys spider monkeys and howler monkeys, for example of Central and South America to the monkeys, baboons and great apes chimpanzees, bonobos and gorillas of Africa to the monkeys and apes gibbons and orangutans of Southern Asia.

Which animals live in rainforests? Usually there is a species or two of large cat serving as the top predator. In the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, that ecological niche is occupied by the jaguar and the cougar. African rainforests are ruled by leopards. In Southern Asian rainforests, tigers and leopards are the apex predators.

he hairy frogfish lives in tropical and subtropical waters of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It hunts shallow, sandy areas by disguising itself as a weedcovered rock. As you will see from the video, the hairy frogfish is a voracious predator capable of swallowing prey as large as itself.

It should be clear by now that which animals live in rainforests? is not an easy question to answer. But it is a scinating question, as well as one that will keep probably biologists busy for the next hundred years.

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