animals in the forestForest Ecosystem Animals

animals in the forestForest Ecosystem AnimalsDecomposition,mineral recycling and soil improvementThese are mostly controlled by soil organisms,which can significantly influence physical and chemical properties of the soil.The decomposers degrade complex animal tissue ,decompose carbon compounds and convert plants residues into humus and improve the fertility of the soil.

.Carnivoresor predators are animals that feed on the herbivores or other animals in order to derive energy and nutrients required for their diet.They form the secondary consumers of the ecosystem.Mammals like dogs,cats,mongoose ,hyennas; birds like hawks,eagle,lcon, reptiles like crocodile,snake,turtles are examples of carnivorous animals.The tertiary consumers are also carnivores that feed on primary consumers like herbivores and also feed on secondary consumers .Lion,tiger are examples of tertiary consumers.

PollinationMajority of flowering plants use a range of animals of the forest as pollinating agents.Bees,butterflies, beetles,birds like sun birds,humming birds,bats are common pollinating agents.Often flowers of animal pollinating plants are specially adapted for a particular species of animal.

.Scavengersare flesh eaters and eat the dead flesh from left over of the carnivores.Jackal,vultures are examples of scavengers.

.Decomposersbreak down complex compounds of dead tissues of producers and consumers,absorb some of the decomposition products and release substances consumable by autotrophic organisms.Decomposers include earthworms,bacteria, fungi,actinomycetes etc.

In the Forest ecosystem animals are the consumers.They influence the flow of energy and cycling of nutrients through systems as well as structure and composition of forests through their feeding behaviour and the disturbances that they create. In turn their abundance and ersity is influenced by the composition of the forest and the various disturbances that occur in the forest.Animals in an ecosystem form the heterotrophic stratum or brown belt of an ecosystem. The animals in the ecosystem can be classified on the basis of their feeding habits into

Forest Ecosystem Animals Role of Animals in Forest Ecosystem

.Parasitesare organism consumes blood or tissues of the host animal without killing the host.

. Herbivoresare animals that consume plants and get their energy by eating plants.They form the primary consumers of the w ,sheep ,goat ,deer,rabbit,horse ,zebra are some of the herbivorous animals.

Seed dispersalMany animals of the forest play important role in dispersal of seeds from one place to another.Some plants colourful flowers,chemicals which helps to attract certain species of animals.

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Tropical deciduous forestcontains animals like deer,elephants,sambars ,cheetahs,wild bufloes tiger ,leopard.Birds ,reptiles,amphibians are also found in abundance.

The forest ecosystem is of stropical rain forest,tropical deciduous forest and temperate coniferous forest.

Animals play a very important role in forest ecosystem.

Coniferous forestsconsists of rich and varied animal life which includesmammalslike mouse deer,musk, rat,porcupine,rabbit,squirrels etc;insectivorous birdslike grouse,jay cross bill etc andreptileslike snakes and lizards.

Tropical rain forestprovides both shelter and food for huge number of animals which includebirdslike cuckoo bird,parrot ,swallows humming bird eagles;mammalslike orangutans ,monkeys ,gibbons,tiger,foxes,hippopotamus,jaguar,reptileslike crocodiles,alligators,anaconda,flying gecko etc.